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Announcement: [NEW] Odamex 0.7.0
Posted: Hyper_Eye @ April 19th, 2014, 9:06 pm
I am pleased to announce the release of Odamex 0.7.0 for the original Xbox. This release brings a number of new features that I think will be exciting for the Xbox community.

Here is the text of the official release announcement:

After many revisions and improvements, the Odamex Team is proud to present Odamex 0.7.0. This new version of Odamex marks the first official release of the rewritten software renderer. This new renderer fixes many relics of old ZDoom code and also includes support for a 32-bit software renderer capable of displaying colors far beyond what was previously capable. Additionally optimizations for frame-rate improvements in 32-bit color mode have been implemented based on specific capable CPUs, (automatically) controlled with the cvar r_optimize.

Aside from the brand new renderer, a great deal of changes and bug fixes also come with this release. Mappers will be excited to see that Odamex now supports up to 65535 vertices and 65536 segs in a single map. The launcher has received a number of improvements as well: Odalaunch can now query servers faster and a bug has been fixed involving oversized packets that resulted in some players not being able to see a full list of servers. A new announcer is also included and only one announcer sound will play at a time per team. Screenshots can automatically be taken during intermission via cl_autoscreenshot and all screenshots are now saved in PNG format.

The full changelog is here.


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Announcement: [NEW] MAMEoXtras v1.9 Released
Posted: gamez fan @ April 12th, 2014, 11:48 pm


EmuXtras Presents....

A gamezfan and destronger co-production

MAMEoXtras v1.9

MAMEoXTRAS Contains Coding by: Erik Abair, opcode, luckyMIC, superfro, XPort, bendermike, Ebsy, HK$, IQ_132, gamezfan, destronger, cbagy, And BritneysPAIRS.

This Is An Update To MameDOX Based On Version 1.1
It contains New Updated Driver Work By IQ_132 BritneysPAIRS And gamezfan
Plus Brand Spanking New Skins By destronger and cbagy
Thanks to cbagy for lightgun fixes
And RetroPlay for the new included cleaner Rom Dat File

Big Thanks To....


For help guidance and support
Thx alot guys couldn't have done it without you

Additional Thanks to Arcade
For Supplying me with the Double Dragon Cheats which add the speedups for
Double Dragon 2 and the VMM settings to get Dancing Eyes to boot

Whats new in MameoXtras v1.9
Hard Times (Now Playable)
Hot Mind (Now Playable)
Excelsior (Now Playable) ::Adult Game::
Graphical Fixes for World Beach Volley and all other games in the Playmark Driver
Added New Cheats For the Double Dragon games
Speed Hacks for Double Dragon 2 Included in the cheats code
Fixed Playchoice-10 Incorrect Screen Aspect Ratio
Reverted Xain'd Sleena back to how it was previously it will play quicker now
Xain'd Sleena Bootleg is now the version to use for the underclocked CPU's

Total New Games Playable since MameoXtras v1.0
Playchoice-10 Metroid
Playchoice-10 Mario's Open Golf
Playchoice-10 Baseball Stars Be A Champ
Sand Scorpion
B-Rap Boys (Rollercoaster graphics bug fixed)
Storm Blade (Bad graphics on levels 2-6 fixed)
Round Up 5 Super Delta Force
Hyper Crash
Heavy Smash
Pocket Gal Deluxe
Super Bishi Bashi Championship
Downtown Joystick version
Ghox Joystick Version
Battle Shark Joystick Version (Game Controls Perfectly Now)
Ninja Kazan (English version of Iga Ninjyutsuden)
Raimais (World Version)
Title Fight (USA Version)
The New Zealand Story (New Rom Versions)
Raiden Fighters 2 2000
Raiden Fighters Jet 2000
Power Instinct 2 (USA Version)
Action Hollywood
Mouse Shooter GoGo
Arm Champs 2
Gauntlet 2 (World 4 player Version)
Ikari Warriors Joystick Version
Guerrilla War Joystick Version
Power Instinct Legends (USA Version)
Ikari 3 The Rescue (Joystick Version)
Crystal Castles (Joystick Version)
Super World Court (English Language World Version)

Questions & Answers
Q My New Zealand Story Rom No longer Works Why is that??
A A new Rom is required which ive provided in a roms pack just delete from your roms folder and replace with the new one

Q How do i install this emulator
A See below
First check your xbox E:\Tdata\4d414d46 folder to make sure there is no previous save file
folder inside it If there is it will be called system just remove it before booting MAMEoXtras
for the 1st time To install on your Xbox HDD just simply pick your preferred emulator folder
and FTP it across

Q My roms dont work
A Use the dat provided in romcentre to scan against your romset
and make your roms compatable with this emulator

Q Ive used the dat and still my roms wont work
A Lucky for you ive upped a copy of my romset to my Repo Folder

Q How do i skip warnings before the games load
A In the main menu make sure all skip warning settings are enabled

Q What games does this play
A Mame arcade games only

Q Does it play console games
A Dont be a daftie

Q Does it play Final Burn Legends Arcade Games
A Nope use FBL v1.12

Add HD Support
Add Video Preview Support

100% LOCK FREE 100% RESTRICTION FREE The Way It Should Be

100% Open Source !!Source Code included in Download!!

Download Link

Also available from my FTP Repo Folder

destronger and gamezfan
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Announcement: [NEW] Final Burn Legends v1.12.4 Beta (Public Release)
Posted: destronger @ March 8th, 2014, 10:24 pm

This is another update to NES6502's Final Burn Legends.

Final Burn Legends is a port of Final Burn Alpha 2.99.07 to the Xbox. It also includes parts of FBA-XXX Pro 1.29. Support for over 2700 games. Some games are not playable anywhere else on the Xbox.

Final Burn Legends 1.12.4 beta

As the name implies, this is a WIP. It is NOT complete.

Please see the compare file to see the newly added games, clones, hacks, and name changes.

This release is based off of Final Burn Alpha.

Special thanks to the neosource team for their continued releases of Final Burn Alpha.

This beta released at

Please ask your questions at as that the place where the beta testers and I are most of the time.

Thanks to:

*******Remember to refresh your game list in the option screen!!******************
***********You may want to create your own dat list too.************************
**********Go to option at the dash board and create a dat file********************
*******go to tools in your fbl folder after you've FTP'd to it and run the*************
******************the file in RomCenter or ClrMAME**************************


some of the newer roms are in bigby's folder already. :D
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Announcement: [NEW] MuchimeX v0.5
Posted: hcf @ February 12th, 2014, 3:56 am
MuchimeX: Multi Chinese Machine Emulator for Xbox


This is a new emulator that I am working on. MuchimeX emulates the SPG2XX family processors manufactured by Sunplus. These processors are used by hundreds of devices: consoles, TV plug-and-play games, multimedia players... Once we have emulated the processor, if we add the emulation of the rest of their components, we should be able to emulate all these machines. So, MuchimeX hopes to emulate a huge amount of 16-bit machines that use this kind of processors :)

At the moment, some consoles like JungleTac's Sport Vii or some Jakks Pacific TV Plug 'n Play videogames are already emulated (although the sound is not emulated yet). The emulation is almost perfect and full-speed, except in the sound.

As a final surprise for people with children, the Vtech console use the same kind of Sunplus processor, so in the future this emulator will probably be able to perform a partial emulation of this console. At the moment, some games like the Cinderella and Ariel ones do load, but they are still not playable because I have not emulated the controls yet.

It is really difficult to find roms/bios dumps for this kind of devices, but at the moment I have managed to test it with success, wiith all these systems/bios/roms:

* Sport Vii / Chintendo Vii: All the internal games work, mainly controlled with the HandyBar/Viimote (read the "Controls" and the "Viimote" sections for more information to play these games).

* Sport Vii / Chintendo VII cartridges: I have tested the VC_1 and VC_2 (named "7 in 1" and "10 in 1"), with success. The VC_3 cartridge probably works too, but I have not been able to find a dump of it. Please, let me know if you managed to test it.

* Jakks Pacific plug 'n play games: I have tested it with the games Batman and Wall-e, with success. Other games like the Winnie the Pooh one, must work too. And a lot of other Jakks Pacific games should work with a few adds/changes in the emulator. If you find more dumps and they don't work, let me know and I will try to patch the emulator to support them.

* As a final surprise, there are a few games that already load (like the Cinderella and the Ariel ones) but they are still not playable because the controls are still not emulated. But you can load them and see the title screen, as a proof that we are really close to achieve a partial emulation of the Vtech console. On the other hand, games that use other devices like the VMotion or the CD, will not work yet, because these devices are not emulated in this emulator yet.

* Besides, there are a lot of 16-bit chinese cheap consoles with hundreds of internal games that use this same Sunplus processor, so if we manage to find a dump of their bios/roms, they will probable work in this emulator too (maybe a little patch will be needed, some kind of "2 minutes fix").

If you search for ROMS, you will probably find only 2: Chintendo VC_1 and VC_2 (or "10 in 1" and "7 in 1"), because those are "roms" (cartridges). The rest of the games are internal of these consoles, so you must search for the keyword "BIOS", not "roms". For example, the "Batman" and "Wall-e" games are the BIOS of these Plug 'n Play consoles. Also, the keyword "dump" can be usefull to find these kind of roms/bios.

The button mapping is extremely easy:

D-pad: D-pad
A-button: A-button
B-button: B-button
X-button: C-button
Start button: Menu button

The BACK button displays the Viimote configuration options, and START+BACK will exit from the game/emulator.

If you play the internal games of the Vii (the "Vii.bin" bios) you should use the Handybar/Viimote to control them. As the Xbox does not have a viimote-like device, I have mapped our analog thumbsticks to the movement of the viimote in its 3 axis. Remember that the Viimote can move in 3 axis (x,Y,Z), basically: left-right, up-down, forward-backward.

These are the mappings to emulate the 3 possible movements of the Viimote:

LEFT-RIGHT movement: You must move the LEFT thumbstick to the Left/Right

UP/DOWN movement: You must move the LEFT thumbstick to Up/Down

FORWARD/BACKWARD: You must move the RIGHT thumbstick to Up/Down

If you select to play a game that needs the Viimote, the emulator will prompt the Viimote configuration options. Also, you can change these options by pressing the BACK button during the game. These are the options:

* Viimote accuracity: You can choose between "Very accurate" (default value), "Accurate" or "Average". If you choose "Very accurate", the value of the Viimote movement will depend of the movement of the thumbstick with a big accuracy: if you move the thumbstick to the maximum, that will be like a movement of the Viimote with a maximum acceleration. If you move the thumbstick a few, that will be like a very light movement of the Viimote.

On the other extreme, if you select "Average", every move that you do in the thumbstick, will be mapped to an average movement of the Viimote (it is like moving it with a medium acceleration).

And if you select "Accurate", it is similar to the "Very accurate" option but with less accuracy. Usually, the "Accurate" option gives faster values than the "Very accurate" one.

* X-axis: You can choose between "Normal" and "Inverted". If you choose "Inverted", the left and right movement of the left thumbstick will be inverted. This is very usefull to play a couple of games that (I don't know why) have inverted this X axis, like "Bird Knight" or "Come On!".

Copy the emulator in the hard disk, and put your roms and/or BIOS in the "roms" folder. They must be uncompressed, with the BIN extension. After that, run the "default.xbe" and select the "rom" or "bios" that you want to play to.

I have found only a few BIOS/ROMS but all of them play very well (at full speed) but without sound. Sound is still not emulated. You can play to the games "10in1", "7in1", the Vii internal games, Batman, and Walle, and probably some more if you find their dumps.

All the games work with the normal buttons, except the internal games of the Vii, that use both the normal buttons and the Viimote.

I want to say some things about the internal games of the Vii that use the Viimote:

* Almost all the games are easy to control, because you must move only one of the thumbsticks in them (for example, in the Darts game, you move only the right thumbstick to drop the dart).

* The games Alacrity Golf, Baseball and Ping Pong can be difficult to control, because you must move both thumbsticks at the same time. They are playable though.

* There is one game that I have not been able to control well: "Come On!". I allways launch the fish too far.

Thanks to all the persons that, during the years, have built an awesome scene for the Xbox: developers, graphic artists, contributors, Xtras creators, admins, moderators... and gamers too!

Thanks to all the people that have helped me in the development of this or any other of my projects: Neobomb, Hyper_Eye, Madmab, Freakdave, weinerschnitzel, XtecuterX73, bigby, elconejotres, the Surreal64 CE team, darknior, dominater01, NOTTHESAME and xcalibur.

Thanks to the creators of the original PC emulator: Stephane Marchesin and Segher Boessenkool.

The sources of the emulator are in the same package, so if anyone wants to see them and try to improve them, it will be very wellcome. You can contact me if you want to do it.


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Announcement: [NEW] Nestopiax 1.5 SCE
Posted: XtecuterX73 @ December 25th, 2013, 1:55 am
Ok guys here is a early xmas present for you. This is taking me way too long to get out the door and i wanted to share something with everyone for xmas here a little early, therefore this basically makes this release Nestopiax 1.5 and a half! ;)


What's New
This is a special XMAS version of nestopiax scanline edition for HDTV users ONLY at the moment!! Included in this special build are the following options:

1.) The NTSC filter has now became the NTSC Scanlines Filter! Included are three xbes, one for maximum scanlines, one for 25 percent scanlines and one for 50 percent scanlines. Try each and see how you like it. Remember this special build is ONLY for HDTV users at the moment. A build will be upcoming that will include all other changes for any other TV users. A HUGE thanks to blargg for everything he did to help me with this.

2.) Changed the pixel settings in video settings to "Accurate Pixel ratio". This should be THE fixed, correct setting now. Thanks to gillou for finding the values.

3.) Nintendo World Championships now defaults to the correct tournament time, (not sure if it did before) but now it does for sure! ;)

4.) Added in Blarggs ntsc background fix to the NTSC filter, this essentially has the overscan set on the sides of the ntsc filter the way the real nes did.

5.) Added a fix for xml files occasionally (rare instances) freezing up the xbox.

This zip archive contains 3 xbes, you can choose which one you like and see the difference in the scanline intensity. This was taking me way too long to get out the door and i wanted something to share with you guys for xmas. Merry Xmas!

Enjoy and please post any issues or questions or feedback on the thread. This is a special release. There are more things to be added but as stated this is good enough for now and i wanted to get something out the door.

I tried to upload the everything but for some reason i could not, so there is a zip file with 3 xbes and a readme. If you do not have nestopiax simply download 1.4 and add these xbes to the main directory. If you do have nestopiax simply drag these xbes over!!



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